Game burnout

Its strange often. When you work in the games industry you play a lot of games. I mean a LOT. I think I played like 15.000 games in my life. Yes I mean different ones. The effect on this is that most games I play have similar mechanics or features than a game I played before.

This removes an important element of games: surprise & excitement. "This is cool" is missing often which makes me bored about most games. This isn't bad as I can spot the special things inside a game which are great very fast and easy. Generally it takes like 20 minutes and I can tell you how a game is constructed and how it will progress along. That's usually when I stop playing it.

Rarely a game* will bind me for hours, the most recent one was Dishonored. (*I mean single player games, MMO's are different). I started playing Tomb Raider and while it is an excellent game I was bored within minutes. I knew too many things they were doing including their quick time moments (did I tell you I hate the qt moment thingy which seem to be popular?. Don't get me wrong, Tomb Raider is an excellent game, but not for someone who played as much as I did.

So I am on a mission to find that one game which keeps me occupied for hours. Have suggestions? Let me know.

The whole thing is made worse with the fact that I love online games. As soon as I play a single player game I am missing people. Humans - which I can talk to, play with or against. This is so powerful that most single player games have a hard time to compete. I went as far as saying "Single player games will be niche in 5-10 years" in a talk back 2006 I think. Was I right? We'll see.

Btw people suggested Animal Crossing 3DS which I can really recommend to ANY age, in fact most people who I know love that game are beyond 30. So don't get fooled. Play that little gem! My 3DS was stolen by my daughter so I can't play right now :(


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  2. Hey Teut,
    I'm a bit in the same boat as you. The games that got my attention recently:

    - FTL. You will get the mechanics fast, but the system is brilliant and will make you probably want to try to defeat it for 2-4 hours at least.
    - Rogue Legacy: same thing.
    - Kentucky Route Zero: barely a game, but fresh and a good WTF moment.
    - Civ V, brave new world: if you liked civ V, this is more of the same AND new stuff.
    - Card Combat: orginal visualization, blend of tactical action turn based rpg and card game. In beta but they are liberal with keys.

    -Wargame: AirLand Battle: World of Tanks for the educated :) Depth, but not overly complex.Multi seems good (didn't try it).
    - The Castle Doctrine: just for the sake of experimentation and originality.


  3. Hey,

    If the game mechanics, are starting to bore you, the obvious choice to me is to look for some other type of entertainment.

    I can recommend the now old franchise of Guitar Hero/Rock band for a challenge to master the controls.
    (Optionally FretsOnFire for the PC, which is the same thing, it just predates Guitar Hero)

    You could also look at a game with comedy and plain old fun by means of destruction. Currently, I'd recommend Borderlands 2.
    A first person shooter, with a lot of humour.
    It's both single-player and multi-player, has diablo-style item loot, lots of enemies to shoot, and a lot of comedy in the random comments and in the narrative.
    Just watch any of the trailers, and if that's your kind of humour, then give it a try.
    There have been many times in the course of that narrative, where I have literally laughed... or at least chuckled.

    P.s. a game of Civ with max opponents, and trying out different settings and difficulties is always a time-killer for me.

    P.p.s. Give it a few months to a year, and I'm betting there will be a couple of great new experiences to be had using Oculus Rift HMD / Omni / Delta-Six gun controller

  4. Don't Starve (http://www.dontstarvegame.com/)

  5. Hi Teur, I completly agree, I try most of the big titles and get bored within minutes. Here are some of the games I lately actually enjoy and have quite a lot of playtime on:

    - VVVVVV
    - The Impossible Game
    - Guacamelee
    - The Binding of Isaac
    - Quake 3

    On all of these, the mechanics are just key to the playing experience. Most important factor for me is that the game has to be hard but fair at all times.

  6. Bontago comes to mind as a good, refreshing, single player experience as well as multiplayer if you find some friends to share it.

    Also i've found "Ballance" to be a very enthralling, almost hypnotic experience at some points if you don't mind the very basic mechanics.

  7. Hey Teut,

    I also agree. The majority of latest games follow the same lame rules for years and they get boring during the first 30 mins. of gameplay. It's like watching a movie which is so predictable, that you already know the ending after a couple of minutes - that's why a lot of games can't keep up my attention for a long time. The only two games that got me really hooked for hundreds of hours were "Demon's Souls" and "Dark Souls". It's definitely time for a change...