Clarification on my work

Many visitors and industry friends know me from my talks or games I have worked on at Ubisoft. This left the impression that I am employed by Ubisoft as Online Games Supervisor (my title there) but I might want to clarify:

I am a contractor working for several clients but Ubisoft is my largest client since over 5 years now. Among others I have also consulted for:

Supercell, Wooga, Cipsoft, Digital Extremes, Edge of Reality, Play Raven, Remedy, Bigpoint, and Unity.

all in my special field as f2p expert and online games.

I am also teaching at various Universities and offering courses and workshops in f2p monetization & online games.

Due to my loyalty to my clients I am usually not accepting work for games which are similar or in competition on projects I have consulted for, so if you want to hire me you might need to ask first if your game fits that limitation.