Wrong Impression

(Sorry for the non gaming blog entry)

Strange. Strange is what you get as an impression of people and the world when reading social media and the news sites. While news sites are prone to optimizing visitors and throw ads and click bait headlines at you the impression is still that the world is in a bad shape. A very bad. Some people even call it the end of the world.

The world is in amuch better shape than it was last century. Yes, I mean pre 2000. You can argue what you want but researchers can show you stats that we have less problems all around.

What changed is the information flow to your mind. Before the internet all we had was TV news and newspapers. Imagine the information lag you had. Imagine the information filter put before those. Of course you didn't get half the catastrophes information, wars, terror attacks or whatever - as many of them weren't news worthy when none of your country men died or the number of deaths wasn't high. Whatever high means.

So it is no wonder that in the time of social media and you tube that you get information instantly about everything bad happening in the world - changing your impression that things got worse.

But they didn't. Numbers and researchers and historians show that we are improving at a fast pace. Less hunger. Less terror attacks. Less wars. Less everything.

The primary reason is the reason why you get that impression: people are information nerds now. Everyone is. Everyone can now access the humanities knowledge, the news from any country, access live video coverage of any event, access news, research, compare, even study. Everyone - with your smartphone.

Think about it. Remember how it was before the iPhone changed the way we use the internet. Remember how it was before the internet, when you had to access newspapers and libraries or ask dad about information.

Remember. And think.