This will change the world of technology

Simply watch it how natural it works. Its Minority Report for the masses.


An entirely different topic: upgrading iMac 2009

I spend some time thinking about buying a new machine. I use an iMac i7, late 2009 model for work and gaming and I love it. Apple didn't manage to anounce a new one so I upgraded my machine with a SSD and a new graphic card. Wait, a new gfx card - usually not possible on an iMac. Well, Apple used very similar layouts for 2009 up until 2011 models so the 2011 card fits into the 2009.

You can see the work needed here: http://www.ifixit.com/Guide/iMac-Intel-27-Inch-EMC-2390-Graphics-Card-Update/9553/1


GDC Europe talk 2010 and its echo

At GDC Europe 2010 I did a talk together with Chris Schmitz from Ubisoft about free to play monetization. An editor from Gamasutra (Brandon Sheffield) wrote an article about it which spawned a heated discussion about ethics in free to play games (see comments underneath article).

So for your enjoyment read this first:

GDC 2010 talk by Teut Weidemann - with comments

and then their really well done fllow up:

Playing with fire: Ethics and Game Design

PC/Console gaming is dead - oh really?

My talk from Quo Vadis 2012 about the usual returning statements that either the PC or Console is dead -which never happens:

Golem Quo Vadis Interview II

The second interview by Golem.de with me about the future gaming market  (German only, sorry folks)

- which fit my talk at Quo Vadis about the future of the industry (see newer posts)