Never underestimate Nintendo

Well, it happens every console cycle that industry experts want to tell Nintendo what to do. Just check the headlines here:


Thats really funny. If Nintendo would have listened to those experts the last cycle they would have been gone by now. And guess what: which console sold most last gen?

I wrote about this a lot of time, simply use the label Nintendo.

Some rules about Nintendo:

#1: it is a Japanese company, i.e. they think differently
#2: Nintendo has patience. Decades of patience. It is 125 years old ffs
#3: Nintendo is rich. They don't even need to sell consoles to be richer
#4: Nintendo always did their thing. They were wrong before and it didn't hurt (Virtua Boy, Powerglove)
#5: Nintendo isn't and never was for the core gamer. But our industry writes for the core gamer

And this time the internet remembers your articles and I will pull it out and call YOUR NAME with all the crap you experts have written :)