The Lost Music of WoW

Many players who start WoW turn off the music at some point. The reasons are manyfold. The music disturbs the audio feedback you need for failed spells, parry etc. and if you quest in one area for a long time the music simply gets repetitive.

However even when you reach level 60 you never turn it back on ... and miss a lot of good music and athmosphere. I turned it back on and visited areas where I have been without music and to my astonishment it is pretty good. In fact when I fly the music actually makes sightseeing even more exciting as it changes for every area I fly over. I pretty much prefer the music over the orc or horde areas which are pretty different from the tunes you hear when flying over alliance territories.

The music also adapts to combat and instances. Fighting a Boss is thrilling with the added tunes, believe me.

Try it out and let me know what you think of the lost art of WoW music.