Quick words

Before I start boring you with my background I wanted to link some websites I visit daily about my favourite hobby: World of Warcraft. Lets start with some blogs or news style pages which nicely informs me about news of WoW from all over the world:

WoW Insider: http://www.wowinsider.com/

Although a little bit too much advertising for my taste their site links to news from the internet and also have nice summaries about important postings of GM's in the forums. I easily miss many of these as I found Blizards forum software pretty slow and bad. They also come up with interesting topics and the user comments on these give me new insights on those. Its always fresh to read other peoples opinions to compare with yours. Often I find their comments inspiring and see my opinion in a new light.

The other site worth mentioning is from a german fellow (but blogs in english) who has an excellent blog about WoW: Tobolds blog.

You can find his blog here: http://tobolds.blogspot.com/

His english is excellent and his articles about WoW always interesting and inspiring. His blog was the reason why I started my own. I hope I can keep up with news and interesting things for you to read.

And of course the DKP site from my raid guild. If you dont know what DKP is (originally from eqdkp, see http://eqdkp.com/): it is a website and database driven system to coordinate your raids and points you give to your members. With these points they bid on loot from the instances. Its a pretty fair system but has its odds and ends, but thats a topic for another discussion.

You can find the Holy Warriors dkp here: http://www.kreative-machart.de/kundenprojekte/eqdkp/viewnews.php?s=

Sorry for the odd link, it will soon be changed to dkp.holy-warriors.de

In case you are wondering: I play a level 60 hunter on Proudmoore (EU), a PvE server. I play with my girlfriend every evening and she has a level 60 rogue and a level 60 warlock. And yes, she plays far more often than I do.

I am one of the raidleaders and pull our raid through MC, BWL, Zul Gurub and AQ20. While the MC and BWL raid was build up by the core members I personally pulled and trained the raid for Zul Gurub until we reach farm status there. My investment into the raid was the key reason why the raid leaders appointed me to that position now. But again, I will post some news about our raid here soon. In case you don't know what all those abreviations are: I will post some interesting tidbits form a talk I made in Berlin soon what these are and what influence they have on the real life of millions-