Steam Machines will fail

I won't write a lengthy blog post about them. I simply predict they will fail. Read on.

The Gordon Kelly sums it up in the comments with these questions:
1. Can you can tell me why a mainstream user would buy a Steam Machine over a console?
2. Can you tell me why hardcore gamers would buy a Steam Machine over a standard PC?

Read yourself here: http://goo.gl/5hIWgE


  1. 1. Some people want to play their games on a TV / in living room. Also the new consoles are not backward compatible while PC/Linux games still run well after 5 years..

    2. In desktop mode it's a fully fledged Linux / PC replacement. You also can boot directly into it and just start big picture mode when you want to play.

  2. 1.
    a. different Games available
    b. having games on Steam already
    c. Half-Life 3 (soon tm)
    d. optics
    e. marketing tricks

    a. cheaper (totalbiscuit did the comparison)
    b. less noise
    c. optics
    d. to get their special other into steam games
    e. marketing tricks