In transition years there is no limit on bad opinions

The industry is in chaos, no one knows where it goes, everyone speculates and meanwhile the smartphone and tablet market opens up an entirely new segment.

Lets take 2 examples:


Yes, your PC is faster than the next gen. Is it? Its not, simply as the number nerds forgot that on the next gen you can access the hardware directly, on the PC you can't. The layers of software between the games and the hardware is so thick to be compatible with 30 years old history that it slows down your games.

On next gen that is not the case. Ask yourself why most XBox 360 titles still look better than the most recent PC titles. That's why.

My favourite of the week is however this one: http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2013/05/30/take-two-ceo-talks-mmos-next-gen-gta-v-and-zombies.aspx

Oh boy. MMO's don't work in USA. Thats what he said. Thats why he partners with TenCent for Asia, that's it. No MMO works in USA. I had to read that twice.

He also focusses in Asia on MMO's where 10-20 are successful. What a wrong numbers game. Does he know that in Asia they release like a new MMO per week?

But it gets better!

He believes the rental problem on console games only exists in the first 8 weeks of new games. Really. Did he ever visit a games rental store?

If I owned Take2 shares I would sell now. Or wait, no, I would sell after GTA V release.