Gstar Seoul - Korea

I am being invited to the GStar show in Seoul next week to talk about the European MMO market and its differences to the Asian. I nearly canceled it but was too intrigued to travel to the future of online gaming. The Korean market seems years ahead of us and their experiments in online games, social networks and online advertising are too interesting for me to pass.

Imagine: Korea has over 3500 development companies doing online games. I guess that’s more than all games development companies combined in USA and Europe. Their problem is market saturation and they need expansion space.

Until today they haven’t learned how to enter foreign markets, as we haven’t learned to enter the Asian markets. Now what would happen if they learn how to do successful games in their market and ours? With their experience, development power and money they would swamp and conquer the online market here. Blizzard beware, there is a huge attack incoming!

I try to get as many impression as I can and share them with you. If you know any specific game you heard about but isn’t well known here let me know and I check it out over there.