n00b iPhone app mistakes

#1: ignore the sound switch the user set. Blare loud in the office when I start your app although I switched it mute (talking to you Skype!)

#2: save games. That's so last century. Auto save. Also cloud save so I can reuse it with re-installs or across devices. Thank you.

#3 super long intros. You know that most players don't even remember your company name and really don't care about the licenses you used. Stop doing this shit.

#4: make intros not cancellable. Yes. Let the user look through a 1 minute intro before he can play. Most users uninstalled your game faster than your intro finishes.

#5: full animated cinematic and voiced over sequences. Make your game a 1.8 GB download. Thank you. Enough said? Its a mobile device.

#6: make a mandatory registration. Yes, let me register before I can play and your registration either doesn't work or doesn't like m password or even needs a confirmation email click. Sorry. Uninstall is so much quicker and even user friendly!

#7: before I even finish your tutorial you ask me to rate your game. You know. I don't. Let me take a look at your game first. Thank you.

#8: Don't use incremental updates. Let me patch a 1.2 GB update. Thanks. Took an hour.

#9: Don't give me those updates "bug fixes". Give me a list of bug fixes. I know you just want to reset your ratings, ad placement or trackers.

#10 (Feedback from Tino): When I turn off Notifications I mean OFF. Not "maybe I can notify you again - without asking?"

Having more oddities and don#t likes of games on iOS? Let me know!


  1. Personally, I wouldn't go with #5 (I like big games at least on my pad - e.g. loved to play Drakerider, felt like a native Final Fantasy for mobiles, the Travelers Tale games are as well a big fun there), but the rest is so true...

  2. I'm currently unable to update or re-install Bard's Tale on my iPad: according to the App Store, the game is 1.4GB (huge already) and although I have 2.3 GB available, it apparently needs more than that as temporary space during installation. Supposing I'd need about 3GB, that's about 1/5 of the available space on a 16GB device. Thank you, developers, indeed.

  3. That's why they sell 64gb devices as well ;). You don't blame the game developer for insufficient space on your X-Box 360 as well, do you?

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  5. The problem is that the update doesn't tell you in advance. Also makign 1.2 GB updates is n00b. There are tools like Rsynch ...

    And regarding the 1.8 GB games: yes I like core games but please make sure you don't waste space for crap voice overs or animated scenes. I don't need those.