Clint Hocking about Gamer Generations

This talk impressed me not only because its presented in very funny and direct way but also because he views gaming from a different perspective.


  1. I must say that his views are interesting.

    Made me think of WoW and some of its current dilemas. How to allow gamers to have an impact on the world, yet have everyone feel like a hero.

    We all grew up playing single player games, where impact can be done without worry about the next person playing the game. Yet in an MMOG (the most Gen Y styled game out there), immersion is lost by the reset of mobs and raids.

    WoW is trying it's best, by allowing for achievements and rewards only to those who succeed (certain flying mounts only to those who accomplish achievements when it's hard).

    But this goes against the other part of the Gen Y gameplay, everyone is a winner. Quite honestly this is a very difficult situation to solve, and feels impossible.

    I have ideas, but implementation may be harder than the value of the results.

  2. really nice video teuts. thanks for taking it. is there any way to download the video?